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Changing the terms and conditions of hosting services

11. 02. 2023

After 3 years, your hosting provider suddenly tells you that they are increasing the price by 50% next month due to an increase in energy costs. When you negotiate over the phone, their manager just tells you that you either accept the new terms or they will have to say goodbye.

If it's just your project, you'll make it up somehow. It's much worse when it's a client server that you've been taking care of for a few years and you want to have a good relationship with the client.

It's a relatively poorly profitable project, but it has relatively high costs and demands to run already.

How do you decide?

In addition to letting the client know about the price increase, you...

  1. You leave the decision up to the client, and you don't care.
  2. You proactively offer the option of migrating the server to another vendor, and you take the work and the risk of running it on yourself.
  3. Because the client only makes a few thousand a year, you won't care, and you'll let them handle the situation on their own.
  4. You'll try to suggest that you'll help the client migrate to another vendor, but you'll leave the risk on the client's side, and if that doesn't work, you're willing to accept that the project will go away.
  5. Another solution...

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