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Who is Jan Barášek?

08. 05. 2022

Obsah článku

Jan Barášek is a young independent entrepreneur in the field of development and management of online services.

Since 2009, he has been running the web portal offering specific services for the IT community. He regularly writes and publicly discusses issues.

In 2016, when starting his business, he decided to go with the strategy of the highest quality, because he is convinced that there is a huge number of clients in the world who demand the highest quality and reliability and do not mind paying a little more. Ultimately, they save time, which is much more expensive than their money.

"I'm independent, open to new things and transparent.

I behave like a personality, and that's how I present my products."

Life mission

Jan Barášek describes himself as a workaholic, as he usually spends 13 hours every working day in the office preparing new products for the future.

"I have hundreds of innovative ideas that the market is not yet ready for."

In 2014, I started playing around with artificial intelligence and machine data processing. I am convinced that "real" artificial intelligence is very close and it's all just a matter of resources. In fact, since the first computers, random pieces of code that can be described as intelligent in some way have started to appear.

In order to test my theory, I started developing an independent project VikiTron, which is a knowledge-based search engine that is designed to find a set of answers based on a user query and intelligently build a result that actually answers the query.

While developing projects, I realized very early on that the success of a website is not just about valid HTML, it's also about a great user experience and marketing. After all, the goal of any website is not only to serve the user's need, but also to bring in money for the operator. Therefore, I started to take the original hobby project more commercially and built the whole mathematical platform Mathematicator on it together with my friend Mark Valášek.

"I love math, programming and search. My mission is to connect these disciplines."

I was 15 years old when the first public version of Mathematicator was launched.

Mathematicator in 2014

In 2014, I launched the first version of Mathematicator, today the most successful Czech website about mathematics, from my room. At that time it was a technological unique, and to this day it still rolls the competition.

The first online project

Ever since I was a kid I had entrepreneurial tendencies and I had to create something. Instead of playing games, I was more interested in inventing new games and their strategies. Instead of reading articles, I was more interested in writing new text. Computers have helped me create even more than was ever possible.

Through a rare coincidence, I was able to meet a teacher in elementary school who understood the issues of getting a domain, hosting and publishing a website to the internet. Because I have always been very frugal, I managed to save 500 crowns from my lunch allowance at the age of 13 and buy a domain with hosting for a whole year in advance. To this day I remember going to pay the invoice in cash with a deposit slip to the post office and then waiting 3 days to get the domain.

Since I was still learning programming very intensively at that time, the first website was dedicated to PHP programming. After many redesigns, the website is still running today.

"History is being made here!"

At the age of 20, I started looking for a hardware partner to solve extremely complicated jobs. It's a small world, but I met Zdeněk Hradil, who is now a good friend of mine and founded the hosting where my first website was hosted. I didn't find out about this life coincidence until many years later.

My first website

I launched my first public website in 2009, I was 13 years old at the time. All I needed to program the site was a 5,000 CZK computer with a similar hardware configuration to my current smartwatch.

We have to keep moving

The worst period of my life was school, because I had to go to an inefficient school system that was very aggressively robbing me of time I know how to invest better. It was only years later that I realized that this feeling of inefficiency is nothing special and it is a real problem that has huge consequences for the people around me.

I started looking for alternative ways to keep moving forward. Whether it's personal development, financial literacy or new technologies.

As part of my own personal growth, I'm very actively writing articles describing insights, one of the better ones being Commercial Web Development through the eyes of a developer in 2019, where I describe the situation in my social bubble in Prague.

"We're not train carriages on a station to keep moving somewhere."

The quote describes the opinion of people in my social bubble in Kladno, the city I originally come from. After moving to Prague, I encountered more of the opposite tendency.

Let's write the next lines together

The world needs us, let's create more products together that will improve the world!

If you are interested in the story, write to me! I'll be happy to read your message and reply.

Jan Barášek   Více o autorovi

Autor článku pracuje jako seniorní vývojář a software architekt v Praze. Navrhuje a spravuje velké webové aplikace, které znáte a používáte. Od roku 2009 nabral bohaté zkušenosti, které tímto webem předává dál.

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