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11. 02. 2023

You and a junior colleague are developing a custom e-shop as an FTFP job (fixed price, fixed time). You have all the template graphics, coded homepage and product detail ready. Junior colleague can only use Nette and Latte, the level of coding knowledge is rather average.

But you heard about React a month ago, which you only play with on weekends, and are trying to learn it. You still don't really know how it will behave in a production deployment, how you'll handle routing and server-side rendering, and what kind of server you'll need.

How do you decide?

  1. Will you take the risk and try to use modern (and possibly better) technology?
  2. Will you go the traditional route, but you already know in advance that you'll lose a number of features and face a complete refactoring of your frontend in the future?
  3. Will you take a different route?

Bonus question:

Will you communicate architectural decisions to a client who doesn't understand the technical background? If the bet doesn't pay off, will you gain a (dis)advantage by doing so?

Jan Barášek   Více o autorovi

Autor článku pracuje jako seniorní vývojář a software architekt v Praze. Navrhuje a spravuje velké webové aplikace, které znáte a používáte. Od roku 2009 nabral bohaté zkušenosti, které tímto webem předává dál.

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