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11. 02. 2023

One of the things I have been horribly wrong about in my life is my opinion of Microsoft.

In my youth I used Windows XP on an old desktop computer, and then bought a Linux laptop (Ubuntu) with my first money because Windows didn't suit me from a user and performance point of view. But then I discovered other applications and complete solutions for businesses such as AD login, Office, Outlook, Teams, later MS bought and greatly improved GitHub, designed and tightened up the amazing TypeScript language, and I could find many other areas.

It has different implications for you as a team. Any user/developer can have an operating system of their choice, you don't have to deal with anything there. But what is worth considering are the tools used globally, not only within the team, but also across the company, or across multiple companies you manage.

After a longer analysis and consultation with friends you trust, it makes sense to implement Teams and migrate from GitLab to GitHub. On the other hand, it will cost you extra monthly costs.

How do you decide?

  1. You decide that some of the MS products make sense, and you gradually make the switch.
  2. You try both, because you don't know what the reality of day-to-day operations will be.
  3. You will do nothing because the current solution is also sufficient.
  4. You will introduce Teams only as an optional add-on, but stay with Slack in the core team, for example.
  5. Another solution...

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