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11. 09. 2019

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Knowing how to create a website and then take comprehensive care of it is not just a matter of making it. There are many hurdles along the way and it's good to have at least a basic idea of each thing. When I started out, I didn't really know what all there was to learn. This page serves as a signpost through the topics I had to study gradually to be able to understand web development and deal with most common situations.

Server administration

A web server is a computer that runs the web. When a user views a page, the web server sends the page to the user.

At the moment (2021), it no longer makes sense to get free hosting if you are serious about the web. A server can be rented from 50 crowns per month.

  • Server installation (differs on Windows and Linux)
  • Server configuration

Internet and web browser

  • Web browsers
  • Request & response principle
    • URL address
    • Ajax and Ajaj
    • HTML code generation (templating systems)


  • Reading, writing and concatenating strings, especially basic string work
  • Processing strings
    • Browsing character by character
    • comparing strings
    • String similarity (functions levenshtein(), similar_text() and soundex())
    • Explode, splitting by separator
    • Regular expressions split strings according to a universally configurable mask
    • Tokenizer breaks strings into small parts (tokens)
  • Serialization of data into a string
    • Json, a javascript object stored in a string

Jan Barášek   Více o autorovi

Autor článku pracuje jako seniorní vývojář a software architekt v Praze. Navrhuje a spravuje velké webové aplikace, které znáte a používáte. Od roku 2009 nabral bohaté zkušenosti, které tímto webem předává dál.

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