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PHP function nl2br()

16. 02. 2020

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This function converts line breaks (`\n`) in a string to the HTML tag `


Parameter Data type Default value Note
$string string not Input string.
$is_xhtml bool null Switches the escaping method according to the context.

Detailed description

$retezec = 'text
next text
and something else';
echo nl2br($retezec);


more text<br>
and something else

Converts broken lines in text to html tags. This tag is used in places where the user enters any text (textarea) and there is a risk of using multiple lines of text.

The treatment of classic inputs (type="text") is meaningless, as multi-line text cannot be entered here.

Note: As of PHP 4.0.5, the nl2br() XHTML function is eligible. All versions before 4.0.5 will return a string with a tag inserted before the line breaks instead of <br />.


echo nl2br("Welcome\r\nThis is my HTML document", false);


This is my HTML document

Return values


Returns an edited string including HTML tags.

Changes in versions

Version Note
5.3.0 Added optional is_xhtml parameter.
4.0.5 nl2br () is now XHTML compatible. All earlier versions will return a string with line breaks inserted instead of <br />.

Other resources

[Official nl2br function documentation](Official nl2br() documentation)

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